fullsizerender-gothenburgMy name is Jené Sigrist. I’m 46 years old and have been living in the Netherlands for 17 years. Long ago, I developed a passion for good, health building food; natural, plant based body care and herbs in general. I’ve since made this my work, and I am a qualified natural health practitioner. I’ve discovered how to garden (and be grounded) in The Netherlands, where to find good papaya’s and that you can be “sunny on the inside”!

Perhaps you’re a busy somebody, like me! You want to tick off alot of boxes at once because you’re juggling priorities and responsibilities. At the same time, you find it important to look after yourself and your family and to build vitality without it becoming a full-time pre-occupation.

I can help you with this, alongside all the busy-ness, in a nice, holistic and achievable way. There are many routes to Rome as the Dutch say! – this nuance is different to what we’re used to…

Workshops and courses

I give practical and inspiring workshops like The Little Garden of Happiness! (read: meditation in motion; the edible garden, the living medicine chest; home grown supplement shelf and a great gift store…in one!). I also offer  The Detox Club (read: boost your energy levels; lose a few; sleep better; re-establish your kids appetite for healthy and have fun…in one). I run courses in Dutch and English.

Organic, custom made body care

I make customised, organic, plant-based natural body care  – for people with skin problems, to use as part of a detox program and if you need of ” a dreamy in- the- hammock feeling”, wherever you are!

Holistic health consultations

Within my practice, I work holistically, using a wide range of natural remedies and treatments. I also use the (very effective) trauma treatment method EMDR. All of this can be easily and responsibly integrated with mainstream medical treatment. My consultations are partly reimbursed by many Dutch Health Insurance companies offering additional cover (aanvullende verzekering). Please note that my workshops and body care products are not reimbursed by health insurance companies.

The laws of nature underpin all my work. You can find these in Dutch on the web site of the BATC , the professional body I belong to.  In short, within this natural approach, everything is considered as energy. Some energy vibrations are very tangible and others are subtle. Even subtle forms of energy such as electrosmog or the moods of people around us can have a a profound effect on our wellbeing. A balanced flow of energy in and around the body is necessary for healthy functioning within and between cells, tissues, organs and our entire nervous system. It is important to cleanse the body regularly of pollutants and negative energy, whether it be environmental, in our food, stress, overstimulation or information overload.

I can help you, in a realistic and achievable way to de-stress and reset  your system, so that you can get back on track and stay there. This includes establishing the best food for you – for mind and body.  Within this holistic approach, we also look at patterns and emotions that may be holding us back. Being able to transform patterns of belief, channel our thoughts and let go of emotions has a profoundly postive effect on our overall health and well-being.

If this sound a bit vague to you, join one of my workshops and discover it for yourself in a fun and practical way.

You are welcome to contact me if you wish to know more.

Best Regards,

Jené (tel: 06 1425 2166)