Welcome to HealthNaturally!, my practice for natural health care. I can help you to put illness, complaints and challenging circumstances into perspective and from there, to reset and recover.

Moving countries is not to be underestimated. It has a profound impact on every aspect of our existence. I can help you to settle down and find your own merry way, here in The Netherlands, I’ve been there too!

By being curious and rediscovering wonder in the world, we can get back to our own original joy and peace of mind in a way that makes health issues recede to the background or even disappear.

My approach is holistic and focuses on identifying and dealing with the underlying cause of imbalance and dis-ease. This can go hand-in-hand with mainstream medical treatment. I create customised skin care products for everyday use and to heal specific skin compliants.

From time to time I run workshops (Dutch and English): The Detox Club; A Little Garden of Happiness (your own herbs and how to grow and use them in the Netherlands); and Food Trends: So much out there but what is best for me?

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Curious? Let my clients share their experiences with you!